Who trusts 5 stars 2
‘5 star’ ratings?

What happens when everyone ‘likes’ the world?

uAffect: what meaningful, user-controlled search look like.

Here’s one example of how it works: 

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You ask a question or for a recommendation…like a ‘kid friendly’ restaurant

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Other users weigh in on important details…from the ‘ToddlerParents’ goup

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 The best are weighted the highest…like ‘free parking’

…What do you think?  Add your feedback to the Group

Seems pretty simple right?

We like to call it ‘relevant searching’, or ‘pull-searching’

Free from pushed-to-you search results

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How Relevant Search Works:

A: Your Preferences

You define the details in the SearchWidget of what’s important to you.

Important details like ‘kid friendly’ and then maybe ‘free parking’.  Then add other activity parameters like ‘romantic’ or ‘birthday party’.

B: FG, or FriendlyGroups

Compare your details with other user’s preferences and feedback.  

Your search details are weighted and measured with other users who have kids.

C:  Relevant Feedback

C: Relevant Feedback

Avatars and icons represent other user’s suggestions, ratings or comparisons.

The Parent FriendlyGroup’s restaurant suggestions are shown on your screen.

Relevant Search of feedback, ratings and other comparisons. 

As a female gamer, how the teenage boys and content providers rate new games is really meaningless to me.  

As a member of  SheRockinGamers, I compare my top opinions with the Group’s top picks.  The best options float to the top.

 – Tisha Campella, uAffect founding beta testers

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